I am available to hire as a consultant. I bring experience from early stage startups and the world of academic research. I can bridge this gap for clients who want to bring research into the real world. I have a keen appreciation for product usability, a good awareness of accessibility and a breadth of software development experience. I speak the language of academics, users, developers and business practitioners.

What can I do for you?

I work on a freelance basis, helping companies to:

  • build accessible software
  • adapt existing games for eye-gaze users
  • turn lab prototypes into user-friendly professional-quality applications
  • understand accessibility concerns and assistive technology

I also work with individuals on bespoke accessible setups for work and study, with a particular emphasis on eye control, and supporting customisation of Optikey interfaces.

Past consulting projects

CraytaAccess - building games with eye control

As the accessibility consultant for Crayta I worked with Unit2 Games to improve the accessibility of their game-creation platform. I also built a custom eye-controlled interface for to allow users with physical disabilities to build their own games with everyone else.

EyeMine - eye controlled Minecraft

EyeMine is a project that allows players with disabilities to access Minecraft using only eye control. It was built for the charity SpecialEffect, and is entirely open source.

EyeMine webpage

EyeMine on github

The Open Voice Factory - communication aids for all

In the early stages of the Open Voice Factory project (previously named ‘AzuleJoe’) I developed a Qt-based cross-platform app based on a prototype web interface for symbol communication. The project won the inaugural Nesta Inclusive Technology prize.

The Open Voice Factory

Fuel3D handheld 3D scanner

After Fuel3D launched a successful kickstarter to convert their medical technology into a consumer product, I joined the team as a research & development consultant to lead the development of the core computer vision algorithms.

Fuel3D kickstarter

Previous employment experience

I started my career in engineering consulting, working for Arup as a pre-university student and during vacations throughout my Engineering degree. Most of this time I worked for the Advanced Technology & Research Group, where I built systems for remote monitoring and automated data analysis. After graduating I first worked as a software developer at Eykona Technologies (now Fuel3d) and later was joint first technical employee at DotProduct GmbH. In these roles I learned about the practical concerns involved in translating academic research into a viable business - including working on large collaborative codebases and the importance of quality user experience design.